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April 25, 2008

I’ve moved this blog!

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 This blog has Moved!

After only a short time on WordPress I have decided to move this blog to its own domain. There were a few restrictions on the type of code you could display so I decided to host the blog myself. My new host, www.1and1.com links to WordPress anyhow so the new blog still has the same feel as this one! (Almost exact, in fact!)

So please visit my blog in its new location and new name:
Njoy This Trip

If you have signed up for updates, please do so again in the new location. Thanks so much!

See ya there!


April 24, 2008

Is your soap really organic?

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I found this article on Dr. Bronner’s natural soap products on the Fabulous After 40 blog (www.cafeglam.com). Included in the article is a video which shows you how to tell if the soap you are using is “real soap” or “fake soap”, which means soap full of petroleum products and not organic at all.

Click to view article and see video

April 23, 2008

One of my faves…

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One of my favorite cartoons!


One word: CREEPY

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Burger Eatin’ Creepy Freak!
Do you agree? No? Either way, leave your thoughts!

Burger FREAK

April 22, 2008

Calculate your lifestyle’s impact on the earth (What’s your Carbon Footprint?)

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Yahoo has begun a “Green” section and I found a pretty cool quiz in which you can (loosely) figure out how your lifestyle effects our climate.

Try it… The results page offers a few nice “going green” suggestions:

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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I know I should comment about Earth Day since today IS earth day but honestly, if you’re into it, you already KNOW its earth day and if you’re not into it, you don’t CARE that its earth day.

So with that in mind, I’m going to post an awesome picture of my friend Emily in Disney…
And have a great Earth Day!

Em in Disney 2008

April 17, 2008

Earthdog.com : earth-friendly dog products

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Just came upon this grrrreat site:  Click here to visit Earthdog.com

“Quality Hemp Products for Dogs”
we believe in rescue dogs and spay neuter programs
we believe in hemp, conservation, and the pursuit of lessening our footprint on the earth
we believe in the commitment, love and boundless spirit of dogs

Take your time and poke around the site. I really liked reading about “the earthdog crew”. Photos and a bio for each member of the team!

China’s Penis Restaurant

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Ok, I realize a Penis Restaurant is not everyone’s cup of tea but the writer in this story does a good job describing his experience!

Read about China’s Penis Restaurant

Ancient snake discovered with 2 legs

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I love science. I know some of this might not be that exciting to some of you but I just love this kind of stuff!

Click here to view this story.

April 16, 2008

Wal-Mart giving away 1 million reusable bags on Earth Day!

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Thought this was worth mentioning!
Go get *your* bag next week!
clipped from www.bravenewleaf.com

April 14, 2008

giving away 1 million reuseable bags on Earth Day

Reuseable_bagsEarth Day is this Saturday, April 19th. In response,
Wal-Mart is giving away a stunning one million reuseable shopping bags at their

If you want one, show up at 8am at your local store.

But if you miss it, don’t worry too much. The bags are available for just $1
at Wal-Mart the rest of the time.

Link [Walmart.com]

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